6 Most Commonly Ordered Parts for Mining

Most Commonly Ordered Parts for Mining

And Why You Need a Reliable Supplier Now more than Ever.

Global Pandemic or not, mining must go on, which is why here at CEP we make sure we have the parts your mine needs to keep moving. Providing mines across the globe with the parts they need to keep mines running has become infinitely more complex as borders and transport systems struggle to cope with COVID-19 cross border demands.

It is in just such difficult circumstances that the value of a reliable parts service provider such as CEP becomes apparent and particularly when it comes to 6 critical parts that we’ve found every mine, from Canada to Australia, rely on.

Part #1:  Genuine CAT Surplus Parts

With CAT vehicles being some of the toughest, most durable and most used vehicles in mining, having a regular supply of CAT parts to keep your mine running rain or shine is critical to the longevity and sustainability of that mine. 

Breakdowns happen, but downtime isn’t an option, which is why CEP source genuine surplus CAT parts and stock over 90 000 parts.

If your CAT vehicles require parts, the CEP team can supply them. Contact us here.

Part #2: Engine Parts

There is nothing more stressful than having engine parts breakdown in the middle of critical mining activities, which is why having a range of Interstate McBee engine parts, fuel injection parts and components and gaskets for heavy duty diesel vehicles at your finger-tips is so important.

CEP prides itself in stocking a variety of high quality 2 Year Unlimited milage/ hour warranty parts as well as high mortality parts which we provide to mines all over the globe, keeping the mining industry going through thick and thin.

Part #3: Drive Train Parts

Ensuring your mine has a regular supply of drivetrain parts, whether from the original manufacturer or from high quality alternatives spreads the risk of reliance on a single manufacturer. CEP have the widest range of drivetrain parts and only work with the highest quality manufacturers, including Euroricambi whose Italian standard of manufacturing for heavy duty drivetrain parts is world renown.

Part #4: Ultra duty seats

Much of the work in mining requires high levels of precision, with mistakes and break downs costing millions. The quality and security of the seats in your heavy-duty vehicles can play a significant role in worker safety and machinery operations.

With this in mind CEP works with a range of heavy-duty seating solutions and styles, including Sears Seating and OEM seating and provides full parts and service back up. 

Make sure your heavy-duty vehicles seating is being properly maintained with CEP. View our seating options here.

Part #5: Mining Quality Aftermarket Parts

Mining vehicles have to be the toughest vehicles in the world, and every time your mining vehicle needs to go in for repair, it costs you time and money.

Saving you time and money is one of the reasons CEP source and supply vehicle parts, such as Modena Parts, that are made for mining.  The quality and resilience of these parts help to keep your machines working harder for longer.

Part #6 Ground Engaging Tools (GET)

While the spoils of mining are worth every drop of sweat, the earth doesn’t give up her bounty easily, which is why maintaining the work tool of every piece of machinery on your mine is critical for sustainability.

As with all of our parts CEP only works with the very best OEM quality Black Cat Blades available in every make on the market, so that no matter what part your Ground Engaging Tools require, you can keep digging.

If you are running a mine and parts maintenance has become difficult because of COVID-19 restrictions, then get in touch with CEP here for a wide range of mining quality parts that help to ensure more mining time.


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