8 Aspects To Consider When Purchasing Ground Engaging Equipment

8 Aspects To Consider Purchasing Ground Engaging Equipment

The aspects to consider purchasing Ground Engaging Equipment, Without a doubt, the most important, and the most frequently replaced part on any mining machine are the Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T’s). The G.E.T’s drive the entire mining process and without quality Ground Engaging Tools a range of issues are likely to crop up, including reduced work rate, increased fuel consumption and added stress on the machine. As with all systems on the mine, regular inspections and maintenance of your G.E.T’s is critical for optimum performance.

At some point you will need to replace your Ground Engaging Tools. It is important to replace your Ground Engaging Tools timeously and before more expensive items cost you money. Capital Equipment Parts has put together our top 8 G.E.T records you must keep for optimum digging productivity.

banner 04Service meter reading and date installed


When you install a new G.E.T make sure you keep a record of the service meter reading and the installation date. Make a habit of checking this information on a weekly basis. That way, you can keep track of the time G.E.T has been working and the work load of the machine.

When full life use indicates the replacement of your G.E.T, get in touch with Capital Equipment Parts here for the best quality mine machine parts.

banner 05Supplier/ Brand/ Manufacturer


With time and work, branding can easily wear off Ground Engaging Tools. Keeping a record of the supplier, brand and manufacturer of each G.E.T will save you time and money when you need to replace the Ground Engaging Tool.

If you haven’t kept these records, give C.E.P a call and one of our sales team will be in touch to help you decipher what replacement G.E.T you need.


banner 07Part numbers and descriptions of all related parts


Critical to the ongoing maintenance of your G.E.T is a detailed record of the part numbers and part descriptions for each work tool. That way, when you need to order new parts, you can quickly and easily do so. Keep in mind that these descriptions will help enormously when you order parts from the Capital Equipment Parts online shop.

banner 06Quantity installed


Good inventory management is critical for mine productivity and reducing downtime. Keeping record of the quantity of G.E.T’s you purchase will help with capital outlay planning and mine machine down time planning in the future when those parts need to be replaced. CEP offers a variety of vendor owned inventory options.

banner 08Unit prices of all related parts


Each part of the Ground Engaging Tool needs to be documented and priced so that you have ample parts stock on hand, or readily available to ensure the ongoing work of your digging machines.

If you are in a situation where a part has failed or worn on your Ground Engaging Tool, contact G.E.T for replacement parts or click here to order online.


banner 10Working conditions


In any operation the working conditions of your Ground Engaging tools are likely to change from soft to hard and back again depending on whether you are digging sand, shale, rock or a combination thereof. Documenting the working conditions in which your G.E.T’s are engaged will help you to better gauge the wear and tear on the G.E.T parts.

For advice and support on ordering the right GET for the right application, get in touch with the Capital Equipment Parts team.


banner 09Photos


They say a picture says a thousand words and in the case of G.E.T parts management, photographs do just that. It is often extremely difficult to remember the extent of wear and tear on a part month to month, but photographs will enable you to quickly and easily compare the wear on your Ground Engaging Tools.

If you have a record of photographs you can also send these to Capital Equipment Parts for a wear evaluation and advice on how option to best suit your application.


banner 11G.E.T machine information


Apart from these relatively generalized records, make sure that you also keep specific G.E.T records such as take-off weight, wear patterns and adapter condition as an example. This specific information for each machine will assist you in ensuring excellent G.E.T condition and quick and easy G.E.T replacement. Most G.E.T. is about sacrificial wear material and replacing when most optimal crucial to saving costs.

Each piece of equipment will require different G.E.T for maximum efficacy depending on the conditions and application. Capital Equipment Parts (CEP) and Black Cat Blades can present systems specially created for a specific application or model of machine. Contact us for more information.

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