5 Ways Working With Capital Equipment Parts Increases Business Productivity.

In times like these, when business certainty is constantly fluctuating, every business must find efficiencies in every way possible. 

Capital Equipment Parts is working with local businesses in the industry to increase the movement of parts so that businesses have the right parts at the right time. 

This exciting model also helps mines with cash flow, warehouse space and parts maintenance management and increased productivity. 

banner 04Capital Equipment Parts Increases Cash Flow.

Key to any business currently is cash flow. 

If you have  any Caterpillar Genuine Parts that are no longer useful to your project or will only be needed again in a few years’ time, it’s time to boost your cash flow and move them.

Capital Equipment Parts offers market related pricing for Genuine Surplus Quality Caterpillar Parts.

Should you need the parts again in the future you can rest assured that the parts required will be available through Capital Equipment Parts.

We source, service and sell Genuine Surplus CAT parts across the globe.

Contact Capital Equipment Parts here for more information on our exciting Genuine CAT surplus sale and purchasing program.


numbers 05Capital Equipment Parts Saves Storage Space


Most sites have a limit on space for the storage of machinery and machine parts. 

Even if you have an enormous warehouse, managing the amount of equipment stored on site can be challenging, particularly when that equipment is not currently in use.

If you are storing parts from previous projects with only loose deadlines for the re-engagement of those parts, it makes sense to sell those un-used Genuine Caterpillar parts to a partner such as Capital Equipment Parts.


When you are ready to re-engage those particular machines, purchasing the right parts for that piece of the project is as easy as clicking a few buttons on the Capital Equipment Parts Online Store.


numbers 07Capital Equipment Parts management saves you money on unused Parts Maintenance.


Whether your extra ground engaging tools, buckets, blades or Caterpillar mining machine parts are working or waiting in a warehouse they require maintenance. Selling excess Genuine Caterpillar spare parts to Capital Equipment Parts not only ensures your storage facilities have space for current project machine parts but could also save you money on waiting parts maintenance.

Click here for more information about Capital Equipment Parts mining machine parts purchasing.


numbers 06Capital Equipment Parts Protects You from Parts Theft


Often, the parts that go missing in a warehouse are those that are not currently in use.  

By selling your Genuine Caterpillar surplus parts to Capital Equipment Parts, you not only boost the cash flow of your business but also ensure that unused parts don’t fall prey to part theft.

The Capital Equipment Parts team have a wide range of mining quality surplus parts that are available when you are ready to re-engage that part of your project.


numbers 08Capital Equipment Parts Saves You From having Obsolete Genuine Caterpillar Parts


Machine innovation constantly moves the productivity milestone on mining machines and mining machine parts. 

Parts that were top of the range two or three years ago are no longer as effective as newer parts.

Partnering with a mining machine parts expert such as Capital Equipment Parts could save your business time when it comes to ensuring the right parts for the right job while saving you from having a warehouse full of obsolete parts. 

For more information on the mining quality machine parts available through Capital Equipment Parts, click here

Adapting your business model to increase operational, warehouse and business efficiencies by selling excess Genuine Caterpillar mining machine parts to Capital Equipment Parts is a smart way of facilitating efficiencies within your business. 

For more information on the Captial Equipment Part’s surplus part purchasing program contact us here.



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