Gears That Perform, No Matter the Challenge

CEP supplies superior quality Euroricambi gears that perform, designed and manufactured specifically for use in demanding mining and construction applications. The gears are manufactured using the most advanced production systems, with overnight cycles managed by automated machinery requiring no supervision and advanced methods to constantly ensure the reaching of the required quality standards.

The gear teeth are where the actual loads get transferred as they push against each other. This requires an extremely hard surface that resists damage. If the entire gear were hardened all the way through, it would become too brittle to serve its purpose. That is why a surface hardening process is used to just harden the surface of the gear while leaving the inside still ductile enough to be tough and not brittle.

Our gears meet or exceed the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer backed by our exceptional warranty program.  We can supply our gears with much shorter delivery time without compromising our competitive prices and warranty conditions compared with the options available in the market.

We stock top quality transmissions, differentials, and final drive gears, fully interchangeable with the original spare parts from some of the major manufacturing companies.

Get in touch with the Capital Equipment Parts team here today to find out which spare parts model could work best for you.

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