4 Ways Proper Ground Engaging Tool Management Could Save You Money

How proper Ground Engaging Tool Management could save you money

Ground Engaging Tool Management. The reality of any mining operation is that the work tool is the most important part of any machine.  Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T) are relatively inexpensive to replace, with a wide range of competitive options available to equipment owners.  Most equipment owners schedule the replaces of G.E.T’s during routine Planned Maintenance downtime.  As a result, checking the wear and tear on G.E.T’s can be a maintenance aspect that falls to the wayside.

Capital Equipment Parts has years of experience in sourcing and providing mining quality genuine surplus CAT parts, including G.E.T parts.  We’ve noticed that G.E.T maintenance is, generally, less of a focus for many equipment owners. However, there is an enormous opportunity to work with G.E.T parts to improve efficiencies and save money.  Take a look at these 4 ways you can save money with quality G.E.T parts and maintenance:

#1 How Ground Engaging Tool (G.E.T) Maintenance Can Save Money on Fuel Consumption

Every time your Ground Engaging Tool works wear and tear reduces the ability of that bucket or blade to efficiently cut into the earth.  Over time, the wear and tear on the G.E.T erodes the efficacy of the bucket or blade. In order to fulfil the required workload, the machine operator will increase the frequency of the bucket or blade engagement.  This means the mining machine will use more fuel to achieve the same result.

By regularly servicing and maintaining the G.E.T on your mining machines, you can significantly reduce fuel costs – a major variable factor in any project.

Capital Equipment Parts (CEP)  has made maintenance of G.E.T’s very easy with our online store which enables you to order the parts you need 24/7. HOME – Capital Equipment Parts (capiparts.co.za)

#2 How Ground Engaging Tool (G.E.T) Maintenance Can Save Money on Mining Machine Wear and Tear

When your G.E.T. is new or newly serviced, the ease with which is breaks ground ensures your machines can work optimally.  However, when the G.E.T becomes worn, the bucket or blade penetration is reduced, distressing the machine.  If you are finding your machines need more maintenance and repairs, CEP suggests you start by looking at the condition of your G.E.T’s.

Capital Equipment Parts offers a no risk prorate evaluation program, which allows for the evaluation of its wear parts with zero downside or extra cost to the customer.  This means we will assist you to evaluate the performance of your G.E.T’s in the field and in doing so, help you to reduce the wear and tear on your machines. HOME – Capital Equipment Parts (capiparts.co.za)

#3 How Ground Engaging Tool (G.E.T) Maintenance Can Improved Work Rate

When G.E.Ts are regularly maintained, their ability to easily perform the ground moving tasks required of them is drastically improved.  This results in better work rates and increased productivity, which all works to improve the performance of the project.

Not only does Capital Equipment Part provide G.E.T genuine surplus parts, but we can also assist with analysing and providing the correct fitment of the G.E.T to your machines.

By properly maintaining your G.E.Ts you could markedly improve the performance of your machines and the project you are working on.

#4 How Planned Ground Engaging Tool (G.E.T) Buy Back with Capital Equipment Parts Can Increase Operations Efficiency.

When sourcing your G.E.Ts it’s important to think of the long-term ramifications involved.  Projects and project requirements change, and being stuck with a pile of G.E.Ts that no longer serve the project needs is a waste.

Capital Equipment Parts buys back used G.E.Ts providing clients with the opportunity to improve the financial and project requirement efficiencies of a project while ensuring space isn’t taken up by large pieces of unused equipment such as buckets and blades.

Regardless of the type of project you are involved in, whether it be large or small scale mining, building or commercial work, partnering with Capital Equipment Parts to ensure the maintenance of your Ground Engaging Tools will assist with a wide range of project efficiencies.  If you’d like to know more about how G.E.T maintenance can save you money, contact CEP today.

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