Groundbreaking News | CEP New Warehouse Phase 1

CEP New Warehouse Phase 1. Years ago, a warehouse was merely a building where goods would be stored. Today, the focus has shifted from just storage to improving customer service through a customer focused experience.

We have come a long way and have loved that you have been a part of our journey leading onto our next big adventure. We are excited to announce that we’ve built a brand-new warehouse that is providing the space we need for our ever-expanding brand!

Our new warehouse is under a 2250 m2 roof and features:

  1. Bulk 864 x Heavy Duty Pallet Locations
  2. Bulk 492 x Medium Duty Pallet Locations
  3. Bulk 96 Heavy Duty Cantilever Locations
  4. Dedicated Receiving and Export Disport Area.
  5. 2x Container Loading and Off-loading Bays

This is just phase one of our much-anticipated projects. We can’t wait to share phase 2 with you, which is coming soon! We want to thank you for being part of our journey. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting news to come.

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