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At CEP we know that every repair or maintenance job on a machine needs to be cost effective.  We also know that you need a supplier that have your best interest at heart.  At CEP, we source parts for our kits from the best manufacturers in the industry. The kits offer the same material, grade, and finish as OEM, for proper fit and function.  With over 40 years’ experience in the mining industry, we know who’s the best manufacturers to partner with.

Our manufacturers at World Gasket offer asbestos-free paper to produce flat gaskets, changing the raw material and the physical-mechanical characteristics of the product. In addition to the raw material so far adopted, they introduced TORANIT 410: a material made up of cellulose fibres and mineral fillers bonded with NBR latex, particularly recommended for application in contact with oils.

The initial targets were the following:

Our solutions:

  • To improve the resistance to compressibility and the sealing properties in contact with oil, fuel and water.
  • To change from a low density to a medium density material.
  • To improve the surface material of the asbestos-free paper.
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A. The new material has improved in terms of resistance to compressibility, intensifying the sealing both at low and high pressures. It shows a better adaptability to the wear or irregular housing, in addition to a good flexibility that determines a wide range of potential usages and suitability in the application.

B. The new material is characterised by a higher density that warranties an improvement in a minimal variation of volume in water, oil and fuels. For that reason, it is used in automotive applications, earth moving machines, small engines, sea engines, and compressors.

C. The surface of the new product is treated with a coating system. That treatment can improve the resistance to water, mineral oils and fuels; moreover, it improves the anti-sticking property in terms of performance and repeatability.

Density UNI EN 20534 g/cm3 1
Compressibility ASTM F 36/J (5000 psi) %  20 – 40
Recovery ASTM F 36/J (5000 psi) % > 30
Tensile strength
Transverse UNI 6438 (ISO 1924/1-83) MPa > 7
Longitudinal MPa ***
Compression creep strength
(175 °C, 40 MPa, 16 h, Thickness 2 mm)
DIN 52913 MPa > 26
Weight increase ASTM F 146 % < 50
Thickness increase ASTM F 146 | 24h / 20 °C ASTM F 146 % < 10
Weight increase % < 40
Thickness increase ASTM F 146 | 5h / 20 °C % < 10
Weight increase ASTM F 146 % < 60
Thickness increase ASTM F 146 | 5h / 110 °C % < 15

(Source: World Gasket, Ellegi)

The continuous availability of all the products in our range ensure immediate delivery around the world.  We work closely with our customers to ensure that they can rely on us for 100% availability. Our Kitting technical team can also visit your site and give expert advice on our product range. Visit our resource page for useful quick references and product information.

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