Loader Cutting Edges



Loaders are the most varied product we offer. Each equipment manufacturer has its own system and spacing, with spacing varying for different sized models across a given manufacturers offering. This means edges are unique for almost each and every manufacturer and model.

Bolt on loader edges and segments have the most options available and are some of our most often customized products. Because there is very little interference on the bottom of a bucket, there is an almost endless possibility for customizations.

Straight bucket systems offer great flexibility and are designed to accept either bolt on edges or teeth and segments. Bases edges are drilled so that machines can quickly be converted from one system to the other without any welding.

Bolt on edge systems offer maximum protection for the base edge and are ideal for applications where penetration is not an issue. They also maintain a smooth, clean floor and increase bucket capacity. Bolt on edges are easily replaced and can be reversed (or propellered) once the useable life of the first edge has been reached.

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