PrismDX – Our ERP System

As our business evolved, we decided to embark on a quest to find the ultimate business system that will best suit our specific needs.  We needed a system that will streamline and link different business activities in an efficient and well organised way.  PrismDX could offer us all of that and more!

PrismDx is a web-based software system that allows you to manage all aspects of your business.  It can be seen as the guiding hand throughout all business tasks – from quoting to purchasing and reporting, Prism does it all.  The Software allows for flexibility in selling and buying, but still provides necessary guidelines throughout all aspects of business!

Prism focuses on efficiency, and therefore allows the freedom and flexibility of the salesperson to trade from stock, linked suppliers or by completing once off buyouts and more from suppliers. This empowers the salesperson to be a key part of the workplace. Prism allows 1-part numbers to have multiple alternate part numbers, suppliers, brands and conditions per line item requested, as well as feed this information efficiently back to a salesperson to help make a sales decision.

The Prism web portal is available to our customers 24/7, 365 days a week.  Prism software system is also used by the CEP team.  We know that time waits for no one and that our customers need quick turnaround time.  PrismDX helped us to be more efficient and in turn improved our overall performance.

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