Repair Parts for Komatsu Mining Machinery

Repair Parts for Komatsu

How to save on downtime and increase operations

Repair parts and components from Capital Equipment Parts (CEP) to fit Komatsu Parts are fully warranted and meet a high specification, making them the best option. The parts for your Komatsu Mining Machines that we stock include a complete range of internal and external repair parts. With our top-of-the-line service, we ensure we meet the growing demands of the mining industry while providing parts that maintain functionality, extend life, and minimize downtime.

There are many challenges to working in the mining industry. Maintaining a profit and controlling costs are always important to mining operations. Mines are safer, more productive, and easier when they have reliable parts for their operation machinery. We have an experienced team who understand the needs of the mining sector and do our best to supply reliable, cost effect parts to Komatsu Mining Machinery.

Key points for effective operations on Mining sites include:

Safety of employees

Decreased downtime

Increased production

Service & maintenance plans

Trusted, reliable parts

Capital Equipment Parts now provide OEM surplus as well as aftermarket Komatsu parts for your heavy duty mining machinery. For efficient and easy parts distribution, pricing and availability we can ensure your key points for optimal machine operation and performance is met.

Get in touch with the Capital Equipment Parts team here today to find out which spare parts model could work best for you.

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