In the rugged terrain of the mining industry, where heavy machinery reigns supreme, the importance of a robust undercarriage cannot be overstated.

At Capital Equipment Parts, we pride ourselves on being Undercarriage Specialists, dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for the maintenance and enhancement of mining machinery. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our comprehensive range of high-quality track chains, track shoes, rollers, sprockets, and idlers.

One of our flagship products, CLIK Tracks, is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality. Certified by UKAS ISO9001, our undercarriage components undergo rigorous testing and adhere to the highest industry standards. Our quality control system ensures that each product leaving our facilities is not only reliable but also capable of withstanding the massive loads and challenging conditions encountered in mining operations.

Mining machinery operates in some of the harshest environments, facing constant wear and tear. The undercarriage, being a critical component, plays a pivotal role in the overall performance and longevity of these machines. Recognizing this, we have meticulously designed our product range to meet the specific demands of the mining industry.

Track chains, a fundamental part of any undercarriage system, form the backbone of our offerings. Our track chains are engineered to provide exceptional durability, ensuring reliable performance over extended periods. Whether navigating rocky terrains or enduring abrasive conditions, our track chains are built to withstand the toughest challenges, contributing to the overall efficiency of your mining machinery.

In addition to track chains, our inventory includes high-quality track shoes that offer superior traction and durability. The right track shoes can significantly impact the stability and maneuverability of mining equipment. Our range of track shoes is designed to provide optimal grip and minimize slippage, ensuring that your machinery maintains traction even in the most demanding environments.

Rollers, sprockets, and idlers are also integral components of the undercarriage system. At Capital Equipment Parts, we understand that each part plays a unique role in supporting the weight and movement of mining machinery. Our rollers are built to endure heavy loads and promote smooth operation, reducing friction and extending the life of the undercarriage.

Sprockets, responsible for driving the motion of the tracks, are precision-engineered to deliver consistent performance. Our sprockets are designed to distribute the load evenly, preventing premature wear and tear. Idlers, on the other hand, play a crucial role in maintaining proper tension in the tracks and supporting the weight of the machine. Our high-quality idlers are crafted to provide reliable support and minimize the risk of track misalignment.

Downtime in the mining industry can result in significant financial losses. Recognizing this, our undercarriage solutions are geared towards minimizing downtime and maximizing the operational efficiency of your machinery. By choosing Capital Equipment Parts as your Undercarriage Specialists, you are investing in reliability, durability, and a commitment to quality that extends the life of your mining equipment.

Capital Equipment Parts stands as a reliable partner for those seeking top-tier undercarriage solutions for mining machinery. Our comprehensive product range, coupled with our commitment to quality and excellence, sets us apart as Undercarriage Specialists. Trust in CLIK Tracks and our other premium components to keep your mining machinery running smoothly, even in the toughest conditions. When it comes to undercarriage reliability, Capital Equipment Parts is the name you can count on.


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