We offer a variety of Weir ESCO teeth and adapters, including the Ultralok® Tooth System and MaxDRP Side-Pin Style Replacement Teeth. Esco Teeth are cast in a proprietary alloy known as ESCO®, designed to deliver industry-leading wear life and impact resistance. According to an independent analytical laboratory, Ultralok alloy ranks #1 in hardness among brands such as CAT®  ,Deere®  ,Hensley®  ,Komatsu®  ,and MTG®.


Complementing the Ultralok Tooth System, Weir ESCO also offers the MaxDRP Side-Pin Style Replacement Teeth. Engineered for versatility and longevity, these replacement teeth are a testament to the company’s dedication to providing solutions that cater to diverse equipment and operational requirements.

The MaxDRP Side-Pin Style Replacement Teeth feature a design that ensures a secure fit, minimizing the risk of premature wear and damage. The strategic engineering behind these replacement teeth enhances their resistance to impact and abrasion, contributing to extended wear life and reduced maintenance costs. This adaptability makes them suitable for a range of applications, from excavation and mining to construction and beyond.

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ULTRALOK® Tooth System

One of the standout products in Weir ESCO’s lineup is the Ultralok® Tooth System. This cutting-edge system is designed to redefine industry standards with its exceptional durability and performance. At the heart of the Ultralok Tooth System is a proprietary alloy known as ESCO®. This alloy is meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled wear life and impact resistance, making it a top choice for operators seeking reliability in the toughest operating conditions.

A noteworthy distinction of the Ultralok alloy is its remarkable hardness, earning it the top position in comparative analyses conducted by independent analytical laboratories. In a comprehensive evaluation that included renowned brands such as CAT®, Deere®, Hensley®, Komatsu®, and MTG®, Ultralok emerged as the #1 alloy in hardness. This recognition underscores Weir ESCO’s commitment to providing products that not only meet but exceed industry expectations.

ESCO® Alloy

At the core of Weir ESCO’s teeth and adapters is the ESCO® alloy, a proprietary blend of materials meticulously formulated to meet the stringent demands of heavy-duty applications. This alloy serves as the foundation of reliability for Weir ESCO products, delivering a combination of hardness and toughness that ensures optimal performance in challenging environments.

The ESCO® alloy undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures to guarantee consistency and excellence. This commitment to quality is reflected in the superior wear life and impact resistance exhibited by Weir ESCO teeth and adapters, setting them apart as a trusted choice for operators who prioritize durability and longevity.

Weir ESCO’s commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in the design and performance of its teeth and adapters. The Ultralok® Tooth System and MaxDRP Side-Pin Style Replacement Teeth, both cast in the formidable ESCO® alloy, represent a benchmark in durability and reliability. As industries continue to evolve and demand more from their equipment, Weir ESCO remains at the forefront, providing solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of operators worldwide. For those seeking a dependable partner in optimizing equipment performance and longevity, Weir ESCO stands as a beacon of quality and innovation in the realm of wear parts.


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