Why use ESCO MAXDRP J Series?

4 Optimal Benefits of the MaxDRP System

Every business unit wants to be able to compete with high production and low costing. By investing in the Esco range you can achieve these goals for your business. With ESCO’s MaxDRP Plus and MaxDRP replacement teeth, customers are able to upgrade the performance of their current tooth system. Enhanced profiles provide excellent penetration and a longer service life than conventional OEM systems.

A hammerless pin and collar locking system is used in ESCO’s MaxDRP Plus range creating a safer working environment as well as saving you down time. The Esco MaxDRP systems include Caterpillar® type J-Series and R-Series systems.

4 Optimal benefits of using the MaxDRP system:

  • Increased safety benefits with the easy to use hammerless system
  • No modifications needed to upgrade from old systems
  • 25% longer wear life over OEM teeth – Tested and proved
  • More wear metal and less throwaway weight are achieved with optimized penetration point shapes

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